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Come and explore

-A stunning part of Denmark’s nature on horseback on well behaved Icelandic horses, and accompanied by an English speaking guide.

Hippoxplore Icelandic horses is situated at Feddet Camping on the beautiful peninsula Feddet, surrounded by fjord, sea, forest and heathland, and only one hours drive south of Copenhagen.

You will find us at;
Feddet 12
4640 Faxe

Meeting place for horseback riding tours, is at the paddock behind the swimming pool at Feddet 12.

You can book either via telephone +45 30550888 or email :

Our Tours

-are available to suit all levels of experience from beginners to experienced riders, including children age 4 and above. Tours will be guided and if you would like, she will talk about the nature and wildlife you will meet on your journey. Or instead ride along to a “hygge” chat or simply take in the beautiful surroundings.

A tour generally lasts for approximately 1 ½ hours along tranquil forest trails, into the dunes, out onto the beach and onto Zealands biggest heathland. Feddet is without a doubt a unique natural beauty consisting of 20 miles of beautiful bridleways with stunning surroundings and changing scenery along the way.

Tour levels

Beginners – for people in all ages who ride for the first time, or have limited experience and knowledge of horses. Tours will always be at an easy pace and there is of course thorough instruction. In these tours its possible for parents to pull smaller children who are too small to ride themselves.

Intermediates – riders are able to control the horse using all essential helpers and is able to ride a rising trot, thus protecting the horses backs by not bumping up and down in trot. On intermediate tours we will walk, trot and experience the Icelandic horses characteristic gait “TOLT” which is a rapid ambling gait known only to Icelandic Horses.

Experienced – riders must be at least 12 yrs of age, competent as mentioned above, and balanced in all terrain and gaits. Only experienced riders will be cantering or galloping, and only if the whole group falls under this category and the terrain allows it in a safe manner.

Booking and conditions

Please note that our horses have individual weight limits ranging from 60 kgs on our smallest Icelandic horses and up to 85 kgs on our largest Icelandic horses.

All riding and handling of our horses will be done whilst wearing of approved safety helmets. These will be supplied by us or if you prefer, or you are welcome to bring you own. It is our responsibility to ensure the horses saddle and bridle is sat correctly, and you will of course receive proper introduction to your designated horse

Please note that when you are riding at Hippoxplore, all riding and interaction with the horses will be at your own risk and responsibility.

All tours will be arranged according to the rider’s ability i.e beginner, intermediate or advanced which means, that at the time of booking we will require the no. of riders, their weight, experience and if children age is also required.


The cost of a 1 ½ hour guided tour through the forest, along the beach and exploring the heathland is DKK 450 pr horse. Payment can be done via mobilepay, bank transfer or cash. Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards.

Parking at Feddets Camping parking area costs DKK 40

Note: We also offer longer tours, riding packages, and riding holidays – on request (please call for more information)